Friday, May 30, 2014

Future Hiker

There are alot of future concepts out there. Concepts for cars, for technology, planes and just about anything...but when I looked for hiking gear there was barely anything. So with this in mind I designed what I think the future of hiking may look like.

1. Solar Fabric Backpack- Made from a solar material that collects energy from the smallest amount of sunlight and powers all of your gear. The backpack also stretches into a tent.

2.HeadMap- A device that transmits images of your map into your sight. It also displays an Altimeter, Barometer (with weather predictions) and Navigational tools.

3. Thermal ReGulator- A computer that keeps your core temperature warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. It also regulates your hydration levels.

4. Battery Pack- The energy generated from the solar fabric is stored in a super lightweight battery pack that powers all your gear and doubles as an emergency transmitting beacon.

5. Legergy- These straps enhance your leg performance to help you walk far longer than you normally would and aid in muscle recovery.

6. Feather Boots- Incredibly strong, lightweight boots that mould specifically to your feet and walking style.

I hear you saying that the point of hiking is to get away from it all, including technology. Well, it doesn't matter anyway because all these ideas are going to be stolen and weaponized by the military and never released to the public...hehehe.     

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