Monday, March 20, 2017

Wrestle Your Illustration

My best illustrations are the ones I spend most time wrestling with. This is something I've had to learn to embrace in my years of illustrating and something that is not often taught. The old quote of "nothing good ever came easy" applies as much to illustration as to any other facet of life.

The art of successfully wrestling with an illustration boils down to these two principals: persistence and perseverance. Without these principles you'll stay stagnant, never progressing in your skill or understanding of how an illustration truly works. I don't say this as an illustrator who has it all worked out, far from it. I still have a mountain of things to learn, but each time I finish a piece I learn something new, even if it's how not to do an illustration.  

Here are three things to help you wrestle better!
Don't be scared to start over. If you find your illustration just isn't working, go back to the drawing board. Produce some more thumbnail sketches experimenting with composition and colour pallet.
Strengthen your weaknesses. If you stink at drawing hands, find resources to help you draw hands. If you don't understand colour, find a video that explains colour. The internet is filled with thousands of resources to help strengthen your artistic weaknesses.
Finish the Fight. Lastly, if you start it, finish it! Each time you wrestle an illustration you will become stronger and quicker until you find yourself winning all the fights.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


There is nothing like a good mystery! For me it's all about the adventure of a mystery and the maze of dead ends that excite and frustrate...finding the answer is just a bonus. The mysteries that I love the most are ones that can never be completely solved, it reminds me that we can never know everything.