Monday, January 15, 2018

2017 in a Nutshell

Goodbye 2017! It's been a busy year which is why I haven't been posting as much, but I've taken on alot of illustration projects and jobs which is awesome but also leads to less time for blogging. So instead of just ignoring the second part of 2017's illustrations, I've decided to make a MEGA-POST of 2017's highlights. Here they are:

31 DAYS IN CHINA (minicomic)
Halfway through the year I published a set of 3 minicomics titled 31 Days In China. It was a collection of sketches from a visual diary I kept while travelling through China. I also recorded a series of Podcasts to accompany the minicomics. There's more info, some pictures and a promo video here.

I've worked on a few projects with musician and long time friend Alnitak_Kid, but I think this was one of my favourites! He gave me a 30 second loop and asked me to create an animated giff to accompany it. Check out the video here.

I wanted something unique and one of a kind to put my tea leaves in when I travelled and after not being able to find anything online that I liked, I decided to make one myself. This was the result...a $2 glass canister that I made a moulded cover for and decorated with a painting of a Chinese Cat. I made a little promo video for it that can be found here.

I have always loved collage but never really had an extensive library of images to work with that I had the rights to until I got home from China. I wanted to explore the art of collage while creating an image with meaning and a story, so I began to trawl through my library of images from China and created the picture you see below. It speaks of the chaos, diversity, beauty and intensity of China, a country that I fell in love with. Collage is definitely a medium that I want to continue to work with and explore in 2018! 

DARK GREY SPOT (minicomic) 
In June 2017 I received some bad news from the GP which led to specialists, scans and even a biopsy. Dark Grey Spot is a visual journal I began to work on as a way of clearing my head and processing what was going on. It is a collection of my thoughts and experiences that I put down on paper and turned into a minicomic.

It's free to read online here.

A cool piece of gear I got this year is a Mat Cutter for framing. It has meant I can frame all my own prints with custom matting and I've been able to sell a few of my prints without the added cost of sending them to a framer.

My mom runs a cafe in the Adelaide hills called The Piccadilly Kitchen that is adorned with all sorts of foxes. To celebrate Christmas she wanted to create a card with a fox that she had drawn. So in a collaborative project between mother and son, I coloured and laid out the illustration and send it to the printers. The end product came out really nice on 300gsm recycled matt card which sold at the cafe.  

I studied a 10 week course at School of Chinese Music and Arts on the Guzheng (Chinese harp). While there I made friends with the owner and asked if she needed help with some branding in exchange for some more lessons. I presented some ideas and she loved them, so I went ahead with the project, designing a brochure, business cards, a banner and letter heads. This was the result.