Sunday, October 28, 2012


Nothing lifts my spirit like seeing a group of people enjoying themselves. The type of enjoyment that is infectious. It spreads through the body, causing your feet to tap and your head to bob. You find yourself joining in, so caught up in the moment. From my experiences, a lot of people seem to find this at nightclubs, which is cool......but give me an old fashioned barn dance any day.      

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baddies on Bikes

I grew up watching 80's and 90's cartoons like Biker Mice From Mars and credit a lot of my drawing skills to the amazing hand drawn nature of those 2D animated episode. They overflowed with fresh inspiration in each frame. There's many thing's I think kids are missing out on in the modern cartoon, but I'll just focus on one......BADDIES ON BIKES! Baddies that would throw smoke grenades behind them while reaching incredible speeds through alleyways, escaping the grip of the good guys once more. The bad-ass image of motorbike's has died down in the last decade, which is why I decided to pay tribute to those golden years with this illustration. 


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I have always held a deep respect for those few humans who completely break the boundaries of possibility and embrace their inner adrenalin fuelled being. I distinctly remember being that kid you see building a crooked, barely legal ramp on the side walk. The kind of kid that put a card in the spokes of a bicycle to make it sound like a it had a motor. When the time came to jump I would approach the ramp reaching speeds just above walking pace, achieving not even a rulers length off the ground after I had hit the ramp. To onlookers I must have looked like a complete spanner, but I felt like the greatest stuntman the world had ever seen.