Wrestle Your Illustration article

My best illustrations are the ones I spend 
most time wrestling with. This is something 
I've had to learn to embrace in my years of 
illustrating and something that is not often 
taught. The old quote of "nothing good ever 
came easy" applies as much to illustration 
as to any other facet of life.

Clean Your Studio article

Over the years I've come to realise that 
having a consistent process in illustration 
makes every project so much easier. One 
of the main contributing factors to that
consistency is having an organised, clean studio.

Creative Congestion article

As an illustrator it’s easy to get engrossed in
your work and happily spend hours perfecting 
an illustration. It’s also just as easy to spend
hours battling an illustration until you get so 
frustrated you throw your sketchbook as far as
you can and vow never to draw again.

Art Of Audio article

Illustration is one of those practices where
 you spend big blocks of time with your eyes 
fixed to a sketchbook, canvas or computer screen. 
This leaves your ears wide open with nothing to do, 
so why not fill them with knowledge. 

Daydreaming at your Job article

One past-time I've learned to embrace 
and even practice over the years is 
daydreaming. The art of daydreaming 
to me is one of the most important ways 
of generating new ideas and stories.

Make a Lightbox video

This is a tutorial I created a few years 

back on how to make a cheap lightbox
to assist with tracing. 
NOTE: It's real cheap and basic so 
please don't expect much from it!

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