Friday, July 25, 2014

Skate Bird!

I rented a book from the library titled The Fundamentals of Illustration. It had a few exercises at the end of each chapter that intended to grow your skills as an illustrator. One of the exercises was to create an image without drawing, which meant no pens, pencils, paints or any other hand-directed media. Instead they encouraged you to "draw" with paper, found objects and photos. This was a big leap out of my comfort zone which relies heavily on drawing; but I'm happy that I tried something different, otherwise this super cool lentil faced skater bird may have never been created.    

Friday, July 11, 2014

Mystery Traveller

I love illustrations that tell a story, or better yet, illustrations that you can form your own story around. This is one of those illustrations. As I was drawing, I was forming a story in my head. When I say story, I really mean questions. Questions like where is this guy going? Where is he coming from? What's in the bag? All questions which I hope you can answer in your story of the Mystery Traveller.